Our Products

Our Products

Venison Valley Farm & Creamery is a Grade A Dairy located on Vashon Island in Washington's Puget Sound. Our cows are on pasture year round. These products are only available directly on the farm, at the Vashon Farmers Market and through Vashon Fresh. Here are the directions to our farm stand.

Fresh Products


Cow's Milk Yogurt

Yogurt with a luscious, firm curd and a mild tang. The beautiful yellow cream rises to the top during culturing. Cultured in cup!

Ingredients: Pasteurized Grade A Whole Milk & Live Cultures


Cultured Butter

Our pasteurized cream is cultured, churned in small batches and then worked by hand. It is very lightly salted to bring out the subtlety of flavor.

You truly can't find anything like this in the store. Some of the feedback we have received: "Your butter changed my life" & "All other butter is ruined for me now."

Fromage Blanc

Fromage Blanc is a creamy, spreadable fresh cheese with an incredible texture and pleasant tang. Fromage Blanc is great spread on toast, crackers or a bagel. It can also be stirred with herbs and olive oil as a spread or dip. We also dress it up with honey and a few buds of lavender or leaves of rosemary.

Aged Cheeses

Feronia. Photo courtesy of  Elise Giordano .

Feronia. Photo courtesy of Elise Giordano.

Feronia is our cave aged alpine-style raw cow’s milk cheese. Our recipe is inspired by gruyere and Appenzeller made in France and Switzerland respectively. Each wheel is washed with a cider infused brine forming a beautiful bronze rind with a sweet floral aroma. This cheese is aged for over 6 months. The resulting flavor is rich and nutty.