Farm Consultations

Dairy Cow and Creamery Consultations

Milking time. Photo courtesy of  Elise Giordano Photography .

Milking time. Photo courtesy of Elise Giordano Photography.

Kelsey and Ben have been working with dairy cows for a combined 18 years (or over 10,000 milkings!) at various farms ranging from one to twenty cows.  Currently we keep a small herd of cows and run our own Grade A micro creamery.  Whether you are fantasizing about the day you can move to the country and have a family cow of your own, or have already made the leap but are wondering how to ensure your cow stays happy, healthy, and productive for years to come, we will share our knowledge and help ensure that you get the best start possible.  

Come out to our Vashon Island farm and we can start right at the beginning - how to pick the perfect cow - and continue through every aspect of cow ownership - feeding, breeding, calving and milking.  Or, we can focus more intensely on just a couple areas - mastering handmilking or maintaining dairy-quality pastures - for example.

If you're thinking about starting a creamery and wondering how to navigate the WSDA regulations and licensing process for either Grade A raw milk or a small creamery (cow, sheep, or goat), Kelsey can help you focus your goals and begin working on building layouts, equipment needs, and production methods.  

Please contact Kelsey at (206.755.9419) or email to schedule your one-on-one cow or creamery tutorial.

$175 for full day (6 hour) instruction at our farm ($75 for additional family members).  $125 for shorter sessions.