Kelsey, Darby, Ben & Zoe

Kelsey, Darby, Ben & Zoe

Our partnership took root and bloomed through our mutual love for dairying and sharing food with others. Kelsey, professional cheese maker and Culinary Institute of America alum, started milking her first cow, Iris, as a young teenager. She has been teaching home cheese making classes since 2007. Ben has spent the last five years on Vashon working at two of the island's dairy farms. You can also check out Ben's equine hoof care business: www.feralfeet.com. Together, we own Jingle the Jersey cow, the foundation for the small family farm that we operate. We call the farm Venison Valley.

Venison Valley is the nickname for our favorite hunting spot. It’s also the place our cows graze in the spring and summer. We are very lucky to call this place our home and are proud to share it with our class members. When you come, you'll get to meet all of our other critters as well. Check out the Photo Farm Tour and our Flickr photostream below for a sneak peek.

When we aren’t out finding and producing marvelous things to eat and share with our loved ones, we are thinking about better ways to raise the healthiest cows, create the richest milk and then transform it into magnificent dairy products. We are currently in the planning stages for the construction of our Grade A licensed dairy. Please keep checking back!

Photo Farm Tour